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Employee Benefit
Quality Broker offers a wide range of services to our clients including pension, life, disability and medical cover. Our experienced staff will help to implement the most efficient scheme solution suitable for each individual clients needs and requirements, and an ongoing professional support of administration and consultation.

To find the right insurance solution based on clients needs is the main objective for Quality Broker. We continuously offer our clients the best possible standard of service and support. With a strong presence on the Scandinavian insurance market together with our international network partners we offer our corporate clients support in most lines of commercial insurance.

Quality Broker serves people and business that have common interests and common needs for specialized insurance protection. We develop, deliver and administer business and personal insurance products for Assosiations and organisations such as Accountants, students, sports, aid among others.

Firm Description

Quality Broker was founded in Oslo, Norway 1992, and became a part of the Södeberg & Partner Group in June 2018.

Together with our local insurance market, we also utilise the international insurance market, including Lloyds, to bring new and innovative products to our Scandinavian clients.

Our line of services includes life as well as non-life business. A team of employees is also dedicated to Affinity programs.

Norwegian standards of brokerage services

The Broker Industry's existence has always been dependent on commissions from insurance companies. Norway has, however, over the last decade been making path-breaking adjustments.

The Licensing and regulatory authority in Norway has by now forbidden all types of commissions between parties within the insurance industry.

To obtain a greater transparency, the insurance companies deliver pre-negotiated net premium offers to the broker line, for the broker to invoice their client directly. With that, the clients have full insight in their broker's earnings for the service delivered as well as it strengthen the overall competition in the market.
The consequences are remarkable. The insurance companies can no longer compete on commission, the broker has to make effort for their earnings, and the winner is the client with constant ensured optimal insurance solution to a minimum of total insurance costs.


Whether a small commercial firm or a large international, Quality Broker has high skilled people and resources to respond to a diverse range of insurance needs. Our objective is always to be flexible, innovative and provide our clients with the highest level of service.